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Company's Business / Strength

~Become a bridge between Japanese food and culture~

Business : Total Fish and Seafood Export Service

We offer delicious seafood with Japanese fish for four seasons.

Would you like to try our Japanese fish in your country?

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Business / Strength of our company

1. Export business

~ To propose the fish with excellent freshness, quality and safety, we will contribute to customer's attraction and increasing your business sales. ~

  • We have a network that can be purchased from any varieties with low-volume-production from consolidating area and production area in Japan. (The frozen & fresh fish)
  • We have a network to be able to propose the optimal logistics.
  1. Be able to purchase fresh fish, carefully selected by local fish professional.
  2. Be able to purchase a unique regional fish from a wide local variety . (Both wild fish and farm-raised fish)
  3. Can report the special information such as regional (local) fish and catching day of fish that Tokyo Tsukiji market cannot obtain.
  4. Be able to purchase various processed goods and frozen food from the market maker.

→ To propose optimum logistics, we will ship to your country from Hokkaido, Fukuoka and Tokyo.

→ To ship the fish caught in the morning, we offer logistics to ship in stores in the same day or next day.

→ We contribute to attract customers by PR of our outstanding freshness, regional products and safety.

2. Introduction of consulting support of PB Product Development (Frozen products and processed products)

~We will contribute your sales increase by developing a competitive product with you and your company.~

  • Using our network, we have consulting and support the customer who wants to develop of new products.(such as product PB)
For Example
  • Suppoert importers (food and beverage store owners) who seek to develop the non-colored, additive-free dry- series products.
  • Support importers (food and beverage store owners) who want to freeze the certain fish and summarize in certain standard.
  • Support importers (food and beverage store owners) who seek to develop under its own brand products in small lots.

3. Consulting / event planning and management of Japanese cooking classes in foreign countries

Show of dismantling of tuna

~We will contribute to your sales increase by strengthening the relationship between food and beverage store owners, food producers and distributors through the event planning and management.

  • Planning and management will be conducted as "cooking class", or "Japanese food event" in your country with the consulting chef of our alliance.
    Planning and management will also have hands-on cooking classes to visit the local fish-cathching area and production areas in Japan.
For Example
  • Japanese Fair
  • Show of dismantling of tuna
  • Ο Ο Local Fair (production area fair)
  • Hands-on cooking classes which is using the local fish by visiting the production area